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Mortgage Loans For Foreigners In Miami

Invest in the USA, in a property for your personal use or for rent.
We have a team specialized in mortgage loans where we will be the intermediaries between the different banks that offer programs for foreigners and you, thus obtaining the best plan and the best interest rate.

This process is very simple and we could even say that it is easier than for a resident.


  1. Financing up to 80% of the property.
  2. Letters of Credit References (Example: Credit Lines, Foreign Banks, credit card statements). These references can be submitted in Spanish.
  3. Employment letter if employed. If you work on your own, an accountant letter with your monthly income.
  4. Two months of bank statements from the bank where the money comes from.
  5. Enjoy your property.


We will certify those documents and assist you throughout this process to ensure that the loan runs smoothly.

Financing for Foreigners in Miami

It's easier than you think

We work hard to get different options that adapt to the condition of our clients and can obtain the best financing plans.

Regarding the US economy, Miami, in particular, has been a privileged city since it is one of the areas with the highest income of foreign capital and where the economy has built very quickly. That is why banks specialized in mortgage loans have a great preference for foreign clients who seek to make an investment and cooperate for the constant growth of the economy.

We offer you a complete, personalized and comprehensive service that is why we integrate the areas of Real Estate, Finance and Accounting, so that your investment is safe, orderly and at a lower cost

This is your opportunity to invest in Miami!

Leave us your information and receive personalized advice.

More than an advisor... a friend

We can pre qualify you and, according to your condition, tell you what property and how much you can buy and even give you an approximate monthly payment so that you can have more freedom before making the decision to buy your property.

We evaluate which bank would be the best fit for your loan, which offers you the best rate and can comply with regulations.

We do the collection of documents directly with you and once we have everything complete is when we apply for the loan. That way we save time looking for the bank’s evaluation and delay in the approval of the credit if the requirements are not complete.


Personalized attention in your language


We speak your language. We explain each step in a language that you can understand perfectly and would always speak to the same person. You will have a personalized agent who will take care of your case and will be the one who you can rely on throughout the process.

We accompany you until the closing time when all your documentation and approval is complete and the closing is carried out in the best way.


We invite you to know a little more about us. We have an expert team in loans for foreigners with more than 15 years of experience and with the satisfaction of having happy clients.

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