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We help you avoid making mistakes that can later cost you dearly. We accompany thousands of entrepreneurs and businessmen to register their company in the US, both LLc or Corp, whether in Florida, Delaware or another state, even off-shore companies.


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What is an LLC or Limited Liability Company?

This legal form brings together some of the best characteristics of associations and corporations.
Forming an LLC is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to formalize their businesses and gain credibility. It is also ideal for those who want to buy a property and protect their investment, especially if they are foreigners, to avoid tax withholdings.

Responsibilities of an LLC

The liability of an LLc affects only its equity, not that of the owners, who are generally not responsible for business debts. In its default tax status, an LLC does not pay taxes on its profits, both income and losses are passed directly to the owners, thus saving taxes and double taxation, then the owner will report that income on his personal tax return.


What is a C CORP?

Before explaining what C CORP is, it is good to remember that there is a specific business model called S CORP. That second one is only available for companies where all shareholders are American. However, the C CORP, or C Corporation, can be formed, without problems, by foreigners. This business model has a more hierarchical structure, with shareholders, directors and directors. To work, this model needs the Articles of Incorporation.

This is a more “traditional” company mold, which follows some rules such as adoption of bylaws, frequent meetings between shareholders, presentation of annual reports and issuance of shares. In addition, it is subject to state and federal taxes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating an LLC or CORP

LLC advantages

Under the default tax classification, an LLC is considered a pass-through tax entity, profits are taxed at the owner level, not at the LLC level (no double taxation).

An LLC can choose to be treated as a sole proprietorship, partnership, S-Corp, or C-Corp, providing a lot of flexibility.

LLCs have much less administrative paperwork and record keeping.

LLCs provide protection to owners over business debt liabilities.

There are no restrictions on who can own the company, foreigners and other companies can own, this figure being the IDEAL for entrepreneurs or foreign investors.

Corp advantages

Unrestricted property
With unrestricted ownership available, C CORPs are generally the best choice for companies that aim to be traded on the stock market.

Natural person does not need to declare tax
Unlike the LLC, CORP partners do not need to file tax returns in the United States. This activity is only necessary when there is a distribution of profit for the shareholders. Due to this detail, many foreigners end up opting for a Corporation when creating a company in the United States.

Credits in the name of the company
Another point that makes many foreigners decide to choose the C CORP is the fact that it allows the construction of credit in the name of the company. In LLC, however, credit is built through partners, which is more difficult for those who do not reside in the US.

Access to shares
With the Corporation, you also have access to different classes of shares.

LLC disadvantages

Unlike a C-Corp, an LLC generally does not have a board of directors comprised/composed of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or directors, but is comprised/composed only of managers and members.

The LLC cannot issue “stoke options” (common shares or preferred shares) to potential investors, which limits the LLC’s ability to raise capital.

Corp disadvantages

Double taxation
The main disadvantage of the C CORP is double taxation. With this modality, you pay taxes initially at the corporate level, referring to the liquid profit of the company. After that, you still pay one more time, when the profits are distributed to the shareholders.

FAQ about creating an LLC or CORP in the USA

If you have any questions about registering an LLC, please give us a call or email us.

Can you create a company in the USA as a foreigner?

Yes, foreigners and other companies can own it. We can have your corporation or LLC formed within 4-5 business days so you can start your business. Purchase of real estate or franchise.

Can it be created without being present?

Yes, creating an LLC can be done remotely. We will generate all the documentation for you, obtaining the number of taxes granted by the federal government.

Opening of bank accounts

Our relationships with banking and financial institutions offer our clients the possibility of opening bank accounts efficiently, complying with strict international banking regulations.

It required?

To form the company we need:

  • Choose the name.
  • Scanning of passports and / or visas of the partners (it is recommended at least 2 partners)
  • Indication of percentages that each partner will have.
  • Legal address in USA (you can use our virtual office virtual office)


• You do not have to immediately start operating your business.
• Once created, the LLC can be closed at any time.
• Federal tax returns are not filed with the IRS until next year.
• You don’t have to hire employees.
• An LLC can be created with a single owner

Create an LLC or a Corp?

We have the experience to help you determine the best business structure for your needs. Ask us.

In what State to join?

According to your specific circumstances, we can define the State that best suits the opening of your company. Delaware, Florida, choosing the best option with you.

Minimization of taxes using the Company / LLC

Forming the right company requires leveraging and managing the tax benefits in your favor. Our services will ensure that you achieve this through the lowest possible tax exposure.

Payroll System Salaries

For payroll. We will guide you on how to properly set up payroll and comply with all matters related to payroll compliance with the IRS and the state.

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